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Marias Pizza was first opened in 1968 by Maria Risi and her husband Virgil. At the time there were only two other pizzerias in Brantford! While Virgil worked at Masseys, Maria started making ten to fifteen pizzas a day. As word around town spread about the delicious homemade pizza and pasta, Maria soon found herself swamped with orders and her husband left his job to help her in the pizzeria.

Although competition was scarce in the pizza industry at the time, Maria wouldn’t compromise on quality. Maria spent countless hours creating and perfecting recipies,  from the homemade dough that would serve as Marias traditional crust , to the slow simmered sauce that has become a Brantford tradition. The original location on Colborne Street East is still being run by Marias children, Gino and Rosemary. They continue to bring quality pizza and pastas, continuing the Brantford tradition! Rose  specilizes in creating unique one of a kind shaped pizzas made to order that have become their signature!

Angie also continues to follow in her mothers footsteps and has been running the West Brant location since 1988. With West Brants population growing, our new renovations are now complete! Come check out the licensed bar and sit in and eat your pizza!

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